How to screen candidates for any role

You save a lot of time when you use Trovinto to screen candidates, here is a guide to validating and screening technical skills.

Have you spent too long phone screening, and are you looking to be more?
Are you looking for bias free screening tools?

Trovinto was built to screen and interview. Trovino saves time screening candidates, it evaluates fairly and helps you with unbiased hiring.

Leverage the latest AI technology, to save you time screening and get an unbiased evaluation in 3 simple steps.

Generate expert questions

Copy in the job description and select 5-10 questions you would like to use. Add your own questions if you like.

See the recommended answers

Insert your own example answer if you like. Order the question in the interview script.

Use the questionnaire

Send the questionnaire to candidates - when they answer you will see the unbiased evaluations immediately.

Screen early and effectively

You may want to continue phone screening and just listening out for the recommended answers, but we recommend that you use the questionnaire and give it to your candidates as early as possible - even before they submit a CV.

When you screen early and use expert questions from Trovinto, you save candidates the trouble of writing cover letters, re-wording their CV or investing time in solving cases. You also save your own time in evaluating all of the information candidates provide, before you have clarified if their actual skills are a match.

Cheap and efficient screening is hard to find in the market today, because of the many static and generic multiple choice tests on offer, but with Trovinto you get tailor made questions that candidates can give a free form answer to.

Find the best candidates immediately

When you screen candidates with a questionnaire, you will see the results of their submissions immediately. Trovinto uses its AI to rank the individual answers, and the overall score for the candidate, so you can follow-up on great candidates and fast track the hiring process.

The evaluations are formatted as interview notes, which you can export to PDF and include in the candidates file. When you place the detailed notes in from of a hiring manager, you immediately give them a head start on their interview.

We discover cheating

We are aware that some candidates will attempt to cheat on a questionnaire. If you suspect a candidate is cheating, please reach out to us directly and we will help with your investigation. We track the candidates precision, time to completion, location and other parameters which allow us to detect anomalies. If you would like further information on how we detect anomalies, please reach out to us.

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