How to select interview questions for any role

Trovinto provides domain expertise on any role, to Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Manager and other HR professionals. We have automated these capabilities so you can produce expert interview questions and answers, and we have automated the evaluation of candidates answers, so you can immediately see ranked candidates and see interview reports..

When you want to select 10 interview questions for a candidate, you simply put the role, business type and job description into the generator, to get a gross list of questions that fit the role.

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We recommend that you select deep questions, this will separate your candidate pool and make it easy for you to tell the best candidates apart from the rest. It is better to select questions that are a little too hard which then allow the best candidates to shine. You will save everyone time when you filter down your candidate pool early on.

The interview guide will show you both questions and answers. We recommend that you use the guide to align expectations with the hiring manager. When you show an interview guide that clearly demonstrates domain expertise, you are building trust. When you use the interview guide to screen candidates, you improve their experience by demonstrating that you understand the role and you are giving them a fair and unbiased opportunity to prove their skills.

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